Message to all Members June 18, 2015

We at Oxygen Health Lounge hope you have had a great start to 2011!

Over the silly season the ghostwriter has been a little lazy with creating new and exciting health and lifestyle articles but will commence to create new articles in coming weeks.

But Oxygen Health Lounge is not just about health and lifestyle articles by the Ghostwriter. It is a place where YOU can utilise the lounges marketing tools, create a blog, invite friends, write articles and put forward your thoughts, beliefs, ideas.

Your page is yours to place whatever you like on there within the sites ‘Terms of Service’.


Some things you are able to do are:

  • Create or join a group (this can be a group open to public or you can make it private and monitor who joins or doesn’t)
  • Create a blog
  • Integrate your message with Facebook and Twitter in ‘My Page’ area, so you don’t have to have 3 different application open
  • Place advertising in your page
  • Upload photos and videos

The Welcome Centre is a good place to start to get to know how to use the site


Oxygen Health Lounge

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Description Of Youth Insearch Services June 22, 2015

Description Of Youth Insearch Services
Youth Insearch helps young people gain control of their lives. It provides them with the means to enhance their self-esteem and shows them how to have a positive impact on society. It aims to help every young person who lives in Australia.

This community organization has weekend programs. These programs help adolescents resolve their issues in a friendly, supportive environment. They are intended for adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17.

The main goal of Youth Insearch is to identify at-risk adolescents in order to help them avoid the life of crime and the dangers of binge drinking and substance abuse. Youth Insearch also helps adolescents resolve their emotional problems in order to prevent suicide and boost productivity. The programs conducted by this organization also aim to increase school retention. All of these programs are early-intervention, grass roots initiatives. They are operated in conjunction with welfare agencies and local police, not to mention educational institutions. 

The most important element of Youth Insearch success is its focus on peer to peer help.
Adolescents who have completed one of its programs are encouraged to mentor other adolescents. Meetings between these two types of adolescents usually happen on weekends. They involve a discussion of problems, followed by a proposition of solutions by adolescents who have completed the program. 

Most of the time, adolescents who are just starting the program have a history of anti-social behavior, oftentimes conducted for the purpose of alleviating or escaping the pain of their emotional lives. Therefore, by helping young people overcome their emotional problems, Youth Insearch helps them become better citizens of our society.

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